Marvelous Kits
Base Plate
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DIY Soft Circuit
Crea tu parche interactivo
20,00 €
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DIY Paper Circuit
Ilumina tus contrucciones de papel
20,00 €
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Kactus ESP 1.0
Comunícate con el mundo
22,00 €
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Kactus 1.1
La placa basada en Arduino que facilita tus proeyctos
25,00 €
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Marvelous School Kit
Ultimate kit for learning with Arduino
225,00 €
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Touchi Kit
Fácil de usar y con 12 canales sensibles a la proximidad, viene per-programado con cuatro funciones.
40,00 €
Marvelous Things wants to offer users easy and simple tools for learning Arduino. For this we develop systems that allow us to go further in less time. Focusing on the possibilities that these elements can provide.

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